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English Direct ist nach längerer Abwesenheit wieder online. Dieses Mal als offizieller Amazon-Partner.

Wir werden hier ab und zu Neuigkeiten aus dem englischsprachigen Raum bringen, die wahrscheinlich in Ihrer Zeitung nicht standen.

Britische Klischess und Mythen

British telephone boxes are red.

Red telephone boxes have disappeared from most British cities. It is still possible to find them in some smaller towns and in the countryside. Modern phone boxes have no door, are grey and blue with glass walls.

British policemen are unarmed.

The British bobby is still opposed to carrying weapons. The annual conference of the Police Federation - the ordinary policeman's trade union - voted by a large majority against the idea. But the number of armed response units - ARUs - has grown to the point where every county or city police force can call on an armed response unit within minutes.

British buses are all red double deckers.

Buses were never exclusively red but double deckers were once a familiar sight in British cities. Many local bus services are now provided by private bus companies. Buses come in all colours now. Some companies are very small and so are their buses, sometimes no bigger than a 12-seater limo. The legendary cheeky Cockney conductor has gone, too. Bus fares are now collected by the driver - and beware if you don't have the exact fare! You will have to walk.

The BBC is the best television channel in the world.

Many Britons think so; but over 5 million satellite dishes are now installed in British homes. The number of households is around 16 million, so nearly 1 person in 3 isn't satisifed with the old channels.

British people rarely drink wine.

Not true. A survey showed that more people order wine in pubs than beer.

A green and pleasant land

Fifteen per cent of the area of England is already urbanised. In fifty years, that proportion will climb to 20%.

A Christian nation

No fewer than 88% of Britons belong to a church; at least that's what they say. But fewer than 1 person in 5 actually goes to a church.

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